Hull renovation – 4 layers of epoxy

 First off we blasted the hull with dry ice right after the boat was on the port once again. Every layer of old paint was removed until we reached the original layer of gelcoat. Bad repairs was exposed and some parts of the hull had som miner wholes from “böldpest”. After letting the boat dry for the whole winter we started off with cleaning the whole hull with T-röd. Then we used epoxy putty wherever it was needed. The biggest repairs was made at the front of the keel and on both sides of the rudder. After letting it dry for 2 days we sanded the repairs and then it was time to start with the epoxy paint!

 We painted the boat with four layers of epoxy, starting with white and then black (white – black – white – black). This was to make sure that the whole hull was covered with each layer of paint properly. Between each layer we should probably have sanded the hull to make the surface as smooth as possible, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to do this before the boat had to go back to the sea.

 After the painting was done we washed, rubbed and waxed the hull sides to bring back the original yellow color.

The final step was to paint the white line separating the hull sides from to hull!