New brass bushings, ball valves etc.

Last year I (CJ) accidently broke off the handle to the starboard ball valve when I tried to open it after the winter. Before this years season we decided to not only change the broken ball valve, but to replace all the “plumming” in the boat. It felt really good to get this done and to freshen up the area below the cockpit but I’m glad that I don’t have to do this again in this boat, it was a hell of a job…

The original brass bushing. It was a hell of a job to remove the ball valve.

 Starboard ball valve without any handle (accidently broke it last season) and the wire to the log.

 The valve to the sea water.

 New bushing and ball valve for the sea water intake.

 We took the chance to freshen up the interior of the stern locker and painted it as well with topcoat.

The original log was removed since it didn’t work properly.

 The two screw holes didn’t fill any function since none of the screws where to be found…

 We used regular plastic padding to fill in the old whole, worked really well.

 We had to cut through the old brass bushings to be able to remove them.

 The strainer to the sea water bushing.

 The sea water bushing.

The new bushing and filter for the sea water hose.

The old bushings and ball valves had done their job and looked a bit tired.

The new bushings in place, a bit messy with all the Sikaflex but hopefully it will keep the inside of the boat dry!

On the bushings we’ve mounted new ball valves and new hoses as well. Double hose clamps where ofcourse used!

Everything all set! While we were at it we replaced both the sea water hose and the hose to the keelson as well.

The end result in the after area.