First trip of the year, Ulvsunda – Gärdsvik (30M)

And finally, we are splashed. After some trouble adding the last part of the bow spirit and the mast was put into place we finally left for the first voyage of the year. Winds were strong during the day and weather was sunny, but as soon as we left port, the wind died and it started to rain.

We set course towards Gärdsvik, the old homeport of Albatrossen Inger, a trip of 30 nautical miles. On board Inger, food, coffee and snacks are always served. Drinks are off course alcohol free! It took us in total 6 hours. With the newly painted hull, she did 5,5 knots on half throttle which is a good improvement from last autumn. Hopefully next time, we will have some wind so that we can set sail.

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