New genoa and furling system

 Last summer our genoa (from 1970’s) got ripped apart. When we started looking into replacing the genoa we also thought it could be a good idea to install a furling system while we where at it. I contacted about 10 different sailmakers in Sweden: North Sails, Boding, Gransegel etc. But the one that we stuck with was Hamel sails from Karlshamn. They had the best prices (just a couple of 100 sek above Boding), sew everything in house in Sweden and could also deliver the sail within 2 months(!).
All the other sailmakers seemed to outsource there production to China and since it wasn’t cheaper and the delivery was about 4-6 months, the choice was easy to make. Hans Hamel (the CEO) was really professional and helpful and delivered the sail to Stockholm by himself. We chose a “regular” genoa made in dacron with a blue UV protection on the rim. We also bought a new furling system through Hamel sails. The system we chose was Furlex 50 S.

Pictures from the production in Karlshamn.

 Done and delivered!

 We chose to install the Furlex 50 S by ourselves. It wasn’t too hard, just read the manual a couple of times and measure everything twice before you start cutting ut the aluminum profile and the wire.

 The Furlex 50 S in place with the new genoa on the roll!

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