Painting the hull

Spring is here and it is time to paint the hull of Albatrossen Inger. Last year, her old owner painted her with Tiger Coat, hoping that this would keep the barnacles away. But no, no, they came back and in numbers. So first up was to remove and make sure we created a proper foundation for some new paint.

First up, sand the hull, everything from the painted waterline and below.

On some spots, all paint came off and parts of the gelcoat became visible. As an experiment instead of painting new layers of epoxy primer, I used “Marine Expoxifiller” from Lefant. I applied thin layers over the visible gelcoat. When the epoxifiller had harden, I quickly sanded the small reparations and then it was time for the first layer of paint.

Since Carl-Johan (former owner) has worked hard to keep Inger as environmental friendly as possible, I off course try my best to keep her in the same good shape. After some research, we went for “Neptune Formula” in the colour black. This is a one-component paint that is free from copper. I have not tried this one before so lets see if this together with regular cleaning (whilst Inger is in sea) can keep the barnacles away.

A second layer was applied and we are now ready. Next up is to paint the painted-waterline and then rub and polish the rest of the hull. Then it is time for Inger to back into the sea.

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