The Crew

Captain: Christoffer Bilman

I am an nautical officer with an background primarily from motorboats but I have now decided to switch and learn more about the art of sailing. This will be my first year with Albatrossen Inger and to help me, I have an expert on sailing by my side, Carl-Johan Lindörn.

Education: Förarintinyg, Kustskepparintyg, Fartygsbefäl Klass VII, Maskinsbefäl klass VIII, HSF (handhavande av snabba fartyg), Basic Safety.

Expert on boat maintenance and Sailing Guru:
Carl-Johan Lindörn

With a long background from sailing, Carl-Johan is the #1 sailing guide at Albatrossen Inger. He is also the former owner of this beautiful boat. His knowledge will be well needed when taking care of and making sure this old beauty is kept in her best shape.

Education: Förarintyg, Kustskepparintyg, Seglarledarutbildning (Vitsgarn).

See you at sea!